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What is an Adventure Game?

By    2022-01-05

An Adventure Game is about using your mind instead of your trigger finger; about testing your clever thinking and creative problem solving instead of your dexterity and reflexes. It is based on a story (any kind, from fantasy to fact and from humorous to serious) in which the hero (that's you!) is on some kind of quest or adventure (the plot): in other words, there is a problem of some sort which must be resolved in order to successfully complete the game. To succeed you usually must visit different locations (called "worlds"), interact with objects and/or people, and figure out where to go or what to do next, collecting clues and/or objects along the way to help you solve the puzzles and problems.

Pizza Box Drinking Game Ideas

By    2021-12-18

The pizza box drinking game is a fun and creative drinking game for friends to sit around and enjoy without taking things too seriously. This new drinking game not only involves eating pizza, but it's also very economical and entertaining to play if you're stuck for ideas. If you have a few markers, are on your way to pick up pizza, and have a spare quarter or bottle cap lying about. You can have a good time with your friends while drinking. Play this game in the background while you play other games.

  • Empty Pizza Box
  • A Sharpie or Marker
  • One Coin
  • ​Alcohol

Place your empty pizza box on the ground or on a table with both lids flat against the ground.

Each participant takes their drink and sets it on the pizza box in a strategic location.

With the marker, draw a circle around your drink and write your name in it.

One individual is chosen to go first once everyone has finished drawing and writing their names.

This participant must attempt to land the quarter on another player's name by bouncing it into the pizza box.

If a player misses the pizza box, they have two more chances.

If the quarter lands on another player's name, they must drink.

When the quarter lands on a blank space that isn't touched by anyone's name. Your drink must be placed on top of the quarter. Draw a circle around it and write a rule that you made up.

If you can't get the quarter into the pizza box after two tries, you'll have to drink.

The game continues until there is no more room for new rules to be drawn.

The number of rules that can be used is limitless! You can follow rules such as "Speak only in an accent," "No laughing," or "Crawl around like a snake," and even play games like "Never Have I Ever."

Here are some suggestions for getting started with pizza box with your friends:

1. Put your drink down.
2. Make a phone call to your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend/
4. Perform your best dance move.
5. Do X number of pushups
6. Get a belly shot from your right-hander.
7. Stick a $1 bill on the pizza box (Next person to land on it, gets it)
8. Act out a scene from your favorite film.
9. Sing 30 seconds of your favorite song.
10. Take a picture of whatever your left-hander discovers in the fridge (limit 2 ingredients)
11. Have a beer shotgunned
12. Swap clothing with another partygoer.
13. Perform a party trick you've learned.
14. Tell someone a secret
15. Engage in arm wrestling with a partner of your choice.

We hope you give this game a try at your next gathering now that you have the materials, the rules, and some *hopefully* helpful advice and ideas to get you started. Pizza box is the type of drinking game where everyone wins as long as they try it, have a pleasant attitude, and enjoy the quality time with their friends.



Online Mahjong game

By    2021-11-22

Online Mahjong game

Are you a fan of mahjong? If that's the case, you've come to the correct place! Addicting titles like Mahjong Dimensions, Mahjong Dark Dimensions, Mahjong Candy, and Mahjong Solitaire are among our many free online mahjong games. You'll want to play mahjong all the time with all of these addictive games!

Mahjong is a Chinese strategy game that is still played by people all over the world today. By playing Mahjong online, you may put your skills to the test against other players in a live atmosphere or relax and enjoy a solo session.

Our extensive assortment of Mahjong variants and patterns will keep you occupied for hours. Now is the time to try out our free Mahjong games and put your abilities to the test!

What exactly is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a popular Chinese game of strategy, skill, and conclusion that is both entertaining and addictive. The classic version of the game needs you to use 136 tiles to create identical sets and matching pairings. Classic mahjong has been played in China for hundreds of years, dating back to the 1800s.

Mahjong, like our other online memory games, is a wonderful game to play if you want to develop your memory skills while also releasing some stress! Many gamers prefer to play online mahjong games on a mobile device with a large screen, such as an iPad or Android tablet.

While there are numerous regional variations, many Mahjong games follow the same basic principles and include the following tiles:

Characters: 36
Bamboo tiles (36 pieces)
There are 36 circles total (suits)
12 dragons and 16 wind tiles

When playing Mahjong online, you may notice that there are 144 tiles in total. This is due to the fact that these Mahjong games include the following extra tiles:

There are four flower tiles and four season tiles in this set.

What are the goals of Mahjong?

The goal of mahjong is straightforward: to get Mahjong!

You have 14 tiles and must arrange them into four sets and one pair to play Mahjong. Pung or chow refers to a set of tiles that equals:

Pung = three mahjong tiles that are all the same.
Three consecutive numbers are referred as as chow.
Pairs of identical tiles (can be any)

Points are awarded based on the motions you make and the speed with which you make them. The number of points you earn is determined by which version of Mahjong you play.

So, when you're playing free Mahjong, double-check how points are recorded. Because if you don't, your score may end up being lower than you anticipated.
What Is Mahjong and How Do I Play It?

Playing free Mahjong games is a terrific opportunity to put your strategic thinking to the test. You can play several variations of the game online, but the easiest way to learn how to play is to start with conventional Mahjong.

The following are the six most important factors to keep in mind when playing conventional Mahjong games online:

Your objective is to play Mahjong with abandoned tiles.
Mahjong is a game that consists of four sets of three tiles and one pair of tiles.

There are two ways to build sets in Mahjong games.



The game begins with all 144 tiles arranged as a "wall" in the middle of the playing area.
You must match these tiles, looking for ones that are same.
You earn points by matching the following:

It's not covered.
Keeping away from the edges
Characters that are unique

We have a number of different free Mahjong games to choose from. These may have rules that differ from the standard version of the game. Before you sit down to play, make sure you know how to play the version you're interested in.

When it comes to playing online mahjong games, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

To become a great master of online Mahjong, you must be able to concentrate.

But that's not all you'll need to have a successful gaming experience. These pointers will assist you in making better decisions, scoring more points, and finishing games faster:

Attempt to match tiles that will expose the most concealed titles at all times.
Horizontal tiles are more difficult to remove than vertical tiles.
Match the two tiles that reveal the most tiles if you have three of the same tile.
Shuffle the tiles if you become stuck in a scenario you can't solve.

Our Mahjong games are strategic matching games that you may play for free online. To play Mahjong, you must clear the board of all Mahjong tiles before the timer runs out.

However, there is a catch!

Only unblocked Mahjong tiles with no other tiles to their right or left can be selected. It's a race against the clock, with the faster you travel, the more points you'll get.

Now get out there and play!
What Mahjong Games Can You Play Online?

Traditional mahjong has evolved into a variety of games over the previous few centuries. Because they would be difficult to duplicate in the actual world, certain versions, such as Mahjong Dimensions, are almost exclusively played online. Others, such as Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Classic, and Deluxe Mahjong, can be played in real life.

Connect Mahjong

Mahjong Connect, often known as Mahjong Solitaire, is a form of the game in which players must clear a board of tiles to win. Sets and pairings can be made using one, two, or three lines, and they will fall into place. When players wish to improve their reflex time and pattern recognition skills, they generally choose this mahjong variation.
Dimensions of Mahjong

This form of classic mahjong requires players to move a three-dimensional stack of symbolic mahjong tiles in order to match pairs of tiles. Mahjong Dimensions, which does not require multi-tile sets, focuses on player pattern identification, reaction time, and processing speed. As players progress through the levels, a more difficult tile set is added to the board. For promptly pairing tiles, players receive point multipliers.

How Long Does a Mahjong Game Take?

When playing Mahjong with four people in a live game, hands can take up to 15 minutes. This means that a full live Mahjong game lasts about four hours.

One of the best aspects of playing Mahjong online is that games can be completed in less time. This is due to the fact that some of the free Mahjong games available offer a timed option.

These games are typically set to run no more than ten minutes, implying that they take very little time to play.
What Is the Definition of Mahjong?

Mahjong literally translates to "little sparrows."

The game's name is said to derive from the sound the tiles make when they're shuffled, which is claimed to sound like sparrows conversing.

How Do I Pronounce Mahjong?

"Maa-zhong" is how Mahjong is pronounced.

To say it correctly, think of it as two distinct words combined together. This will allow you to accent the two components of Mahjong correctly while still pronouncing it as a single word.
The Origins of Mahjong

Mahjong has a long and interesting history.

Traditional Mahjong is an old Chinese strategy game that differs slightly from our free Mahjong games in terms of idea.

The early twentieth century saw the introduction of the ancient strategic game Mahjong, which is played with bamboo Mahjong tiles. The Chinese government banned household mahjong games in 2019 because many people used the game to bet. Even though the most popular bets were for less than $20, the Chinese government considered this to be impure behavior.

There are normally four players and 144 Mahjong tiles in conventional Mahjong, which are based on Chinese characters and symbols. Each player starts with 13 tiles and alternates drawing and discarding tiles until a winning hand is formed.

Today, Mahjong is a strategic game played in a variety of ways all over the world!